In summary from an article taken from, Apple has major ambitions in the auto industry after numerous articles about Android Auto. As stated in the article:

One of those projects, the Apple Car, has exploded from quiet rumors into a full-fledged phenomena, thanks to detailed reports from traditionally reliable news sources, including theFinancial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. We know that Apple has lots of things cooking, but when a project makes its way into the press in this manner, there's something big going on. We saw it with the iPhone, iPod, and the Apple Watch -- and now we're seeing it with the Apple Car.

Apple has already placed over 1,000 employees on the project, but the kicker is (as Apple has done many times in the past with their products at WWDC), no one knows what project that so many resources, time, and money are being invested in whether it be an electric car, self-driving car, or something entirely different.

It will be quite a pleasure to see the new idea that Apple has come up with beyond the Apple Watch.


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