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Check out all of our apps on Google Play! We have games, magazines, reservation apps, small business, and useful utilities apps. We would be happy to design and build an app for you and your business!


Smartware Design is a registered Android Development company for the Android Market and we welcome the opportunity to develop an application for your business. With the ability to utilize the latest Android SDK, we can make an app that will work for your users. If you need lots of graphics and a rich user-interface, we can provide the resources you need as well.

With Android phone users surpassing iPhone users world-wide, take advantage of the mobile business opportunity to reach more customers. We can evaluate your ideas and turn them into a mobile application, it’s what we do!

Contact us today to discuss plans for your Android development project!

Game Design

With the latest Android SDK, we can target the new Android Tablets or the latest smartphones that your customers use. We’ve developed 3 games thus far:

  • Location-Based Concentration (the classic memory game with a twist, it uses geo-located images from Flickr near your current location, local, public, child-safe images uploaded by users that you may know),
  • Connect 4 (built using Adobe Flash to play the classic game that you enjoyed as a kid and you can play against someone else or the computer!)
  • the fun Dutch Monkey Doughnut game! This game is distributed through the Dutch Monkey Doughnut business application and has a kid sporting the Dutch Monkey logo trying to catch doughnuts before they all fall. It’s a fun, addictive game utilizing the Android Jet Player.

Standard Connect4 Game

The traditional game of Connect 4 which you can play with someone else or against Android to try to connect 4 pieces together either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Have fun! Changes in latest version: Flash application for Connect 4 game completed. This will...

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Location Based Concentration/Memory Game

This application is a game based on the traditional game of Memory, or better known as Concentration. The game involves selecting a difficulty of Easy, Medium, or Hard which reflect the number of cards displayed and the amount of time that you have to solve the...

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Planned PETHood of Georgia

The Planned PEThood app is essentially used as a reservation system. It allows a user to view Planned PEThood's facebook feed with pictures (and request a 'Like' on Facebook), contact the company by phone or email, see their location on a map, route the user to their...

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Dutch Monkey Doughnuts

The Dutch Monkey Doughnut app employs the use of the Android XML layout and the direct coding layout. It utilizes a popup window for sending a request to the business (essentially it allows the user to type in a message to request a certain type of doughnut) and the...

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Material Calculator

This application can be used to easily determine multiple areas of material needed by defining the rectangular/triangular/circular dimensions of mulch, concrete, gravel, sand, stone dust, or topsoil needed. It easily converts from English to metric units and vice...

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