The Dutch Monkey Doughnut app employs the use of the Android XML layout and the direct coding layout. It utilizes a popup window for sending a request to the business (essentially it allows the user to type in a message to request a certain type of doughnut) and the user sends the request, it shows the business’s latest newsfeed from facebook along with pictures, and the final screen shows the location of the business on a map along with the business hours.

Just recently we have added a Dutch Monkey Doughnut game to promote their business which uses the Android JetPlayer to utilize a timer, scorekeeper, and audio for the game. The goal of the game is to collect the most doughnuts and if you’re one of the top 10 scores, you can enter your high score. The scores are maintained on a database on this website which collects the mobile user’s name and email address (essentially for marketing purposes in the future for the business). I’m hoping to obtain permission from the shop to allow coupons to be sent to the ‘player’ if they receive a high score. Also, it has broken the 500 download threshold.

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Changes in latest version:

  • Added the Dutch Monkey Doughnut Singel-Player Doughnut-Catching Game.