is a pretty awesome service for syncing cloud services and taking backups of your current files.  So far I’ve been pretty impressed with the ability of adding services from multiple accounts using Google Drive, DropBox,, OneDrive, Evernote, etc., and performing a one- or two-way sync.  It’s very easy to setup and how I discovered their services was simply through trying to move all of my current files from Google Drive to OneDrive due to their offer of multiple accounts and free Office 365 for the same price as Google Drive. I thought, why not have my wife, myself, and a couple of friends on my account and pay the same price that I had already been paying for Google Drive!

Because I had over 110GB of data stored on Google Drive, this presents a major issue given the limits set forth by my ISP only allowing 300GB of data transfer per month so I looked for solutions to move files between cloud services and thankfully found and a few other services. CloudHQ is user-friendly, allows you to select the files and folders that you want to sync across services, and fires off the syncing process autonomously so you don’t have to wait on the process to finish. Seems like a no-brainer, right?

So far my experience has been great and I’ve had no problems transferring between my Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive. I can view the progress of the sync directly on my account page on and everything is working a lot smoother than I ever expected. I can rest assured that my files will be synced and I’m considering using this service for backups as well between cloud storage providers.

So, after reviewing their service and obtaining a 14-day free trial, I’m happy using them for transferring between all of my services since I also regularly use Evernote and Dropbox. Please check them out today at and you’ll be very happy that you did. Tell them that you were referred by SmartwareDesign and they may give you a discount (it’s worth a try)! :)