So here’s my second attempt at teaching a course…  Because I’m typically a saver and deal finder as most people who know me usually ask me if there’s a better deal somewhere for what they’re looking to buy, I decided to put together a course for saving money when shopping either in retail brick & mortar stores or online at big corporate stores.  I also added a section on restaurant deals.

I figured if I’m not already on the bandwagon of teaching digital courses then I’m going to be the last one at the party without a course teaching what I know best.  Although the majority of my knowledge is around Java development or running outdoors or on a treadmill, I thought it was worthwhile to pass on my knowledge of online saving.  However, the glory days of using Mastercard Overwhelming Offers (using a program to snipe the best deals) and before Woot was purchased by Amazon when you had a better chance to get the wonderful “BOC” (Bag of Crap for us Wooters) are now over, there are still plenty of ways to save on every purchase you make online without paying full retail price.

What you’ll learn in the course are my seven ways of really saving money on deals and you always want to follow the latest deals on and checking back on Amazon daily for daily deals and lightening deals.  If you can’t find something you’ll be able to use, at least you could find a really good price on something that you can re-sell for a profit!

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