Raspberry Pi

So, with the announcement of the new Raspberry Pi 2 just two weeks ago came a lot of excitement with the ability to run Windows 10 and more operating systems on the new Raspberry Pi 2 board along with having the same low price of $35.  However, there still seems to be extra components that must be purchased before you can actually get the board up and running, but with a price tag that low, it's worth getting started on your own IoT project(s), right?

As of today, there have been more than 500,000 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B boards sold.  That's a good sign that engineers are getting involved in bringing their ideas to fruition with having that many boards sold since the announcement!  This board is the 5th generation coming after the 2.1 revision, model B+, model A+, and the compute module.  There have been 5 million Raspberry Pi boards sold to date with the original expectation of 10,000 boards to be sold back in 2012 when the first model came out.  The beauty of the Raspberry Pi is that all funds raised from the sale of the board goes right back into R&D and education to help improve the device for future generations.

The Raspberry Pi 2 Model B board has retained the four USB ports, wired network, HDMI, audio and composite video, and power connection. It also has the 40-pin GPIO header, camera interface, and a micro-SD click-in/out slot in comparison to the original SD friction-fit slot.

A specific date for the Microsoft Windows 10 release for the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B has not yet been stated after Microsoft made the announcement that the new Windows 10 would be supported on the new board.  This venture will be great for maintaining the streamlined code once, deploy everywhere methodology with the ability to run Windows on the Pi 2.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your Raspberry Pi 2 Model B if you're able to pick one up!

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