Raspberry Pi

Have you struggled coming up with a great IoT device that you're passionate about due to security and the privacy involved with the device you're interested in making?  In comes the mBed IoT Starter Kit that was introduced to tackle that problem as well as handling a lot of overhead to get your project up and running for creating that initial IoT prototype that seems so difficult.

This starter kit simplifies the compatibility issues with an ARM-based board with usable sensors, LEDs, and other electronics that have been designed and tested for this board which can be connected to the IBM Internet of Things Foundation for secure authentication and use of IBM Bluemix services (free until the API call threshold is reached) for communication and analysis. The beauty of this service is there's practically no limitation to the language that you need to develop in because you can use Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, Python, and/or PHP or IBM's proprietary, NodeRED.

It is said that you can setup the board and already feed data into Bluemix within three minutes.  With nearly five billion ARM-based IoT devices deployed in 2014, it's a good time to start moving on with your project and this starter kit is a great asset for doing so.  It's already using open standards and ready for consuming web services, but best of all, it's secure and uses a proven platform of communication to and from IoT devices.

Unfortunately the first batch of Starter Kits offer only Ethernet connectivity but future versions "may" add cellular, wi-fi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Thread support.  For more information, please visit mbed.org.

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