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Mulch Calculator

We built this app as an estimation tool for sizing up how much mulch you’ll need for your yard, business, or project that you’re working on.  With this tool you are able to estimate rectangular, circular, and triangular areas.  All that you need to do is input the dimensions of the area in english or metric units and let the app calculate the volume of the areas for you!

It’s the perfect app for your own personal use or landscaping business!

Highlights from the app:

  • Estimate mulch in multiple area
  • Add any material name to the list of mulch to estimate
  • Identify rectangular, circular, or triangular area mulch beds
  • Use metric or English units with a flip of a toggle option
  • Get a total for all materials and individual area measurements
    • Estimates are divided into a total for each type/color mulch
  • Email estimates (PRO version only)
  • Save estimates for reference later (PRO version only)
  • View all past estimates (PRO version only)

Welcome Screen

Menu Options

Estimate Screen


Previous Estimates