Sally Kolar Photography Store

For Sally Kolar Photography, we customized a photo script to allow Sally to sell her photos online without having to use a third party provider.  With the photo store, galleries and photos may be stored and viewed online with most basic hosting services while keeping the actual images watermarked for copyright protection and allow the images to be stored off of the public domain.  As the customer browses the site, they may choose to purchase a download of the images which will be sent to them immediately upon payment or to order prints or other packages and products.  The administration of the photo store allows the photographer to add package, product, print, download, and subscription prices.  In addition, galleries can be setup for the images and password protected.

The store allows for multiple administrators, selling of videos and photos, creating support tickets, creating membership plans, lightboxes for helping gather all of the photos for ordering, setting up the eCommerce (shipping, pricing, taxes, promotions/coupons, etc.), commenting, rating, and more.  This entire setup can be done starting at only $995.