Finally, a WordPress plugin that will combine Google Calendars!

WordPress just works and makes our lives simpler as web developers

Have you ever needed a WordPress plugin that will combine several Google calendars into one simple display on the screen?  Sure you can use the Google calendar embed option but you have to have an iframe on your website and you can’t put your own styles on it.  We needed our own calendar combiner to show several events on from lots of different providers and there just aren’t any plugins that simply combine Google calendars which means you wind up going the route of using the Google Calendar embed.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that!  It works, it does the job, and you get a nice calendar that you can embed on your site like this:

Ok, that’s awesome but what if I want to pull down the “Agenda” items (aka: events) and display them to my own liking on my site?  Well that’s a bit difficult.  Therefore I created a new plugin called SD Google Calendar Combiner which takes multiple public Google calendars (yes, I said PUBLIC) so make sure your calendars are public before trying to use the plugin and see a working list of combined calendars.  What this plugin allows me to do is to make a RESTful call to the new Wordpress 4.4 REST API with all events from multiple calendars on one feed that I can make with one simple GET call.  Pretty cool, huh?  Also, I created a shortcode, like [sd_show_calendar id=”171″] that can easily be inserted into any Wordpress post or page to display an agenda-like list of events in order by dates from the current date to the number of days in advance that you’re interested in viewing.

So I know it’s not the complete end-all be-all plugin for calendars but it solves a lot of issues in displaying combined calendars on your Wordpress blog or site.  If you would like to contribute to the plugin or have any questions about using it, I’ll be happy to answer them and would appreciate the help in maintaining the plugin.  Also, if you have any ideas for using the plugin that you’d like to share, please feel free to comment below or send me an email!  Thanks for reading this far and I hope you enjoyed the short and sweet video!

I’ve listed it as an open-source project on GitHub so please feel free to fork it and offer suggestions!