Google Calendar Combiner WordPress Plugin

Google Calendar Combiner WordPress Plugin

Finally, a WordPress plugin that will combine Google Calendars! WordPress just works and makes our lives simpler as web developers DownloadContribute Have you ever needed a WordPress plugin that will combine several Google calendars into one simple display on the screen?  Sure you can use the Google calendar embed option but you have to have [...]
Garden Weddings & Events

Garden Weddings & Events Garden Weddings & Events located in Augusta, Georgia Check it out  Photography Services Michael O'Byrne offers photography services on site.  Beautiful Grounds Garden Weddings & Events has a trellis, gazebo, beautiful interior and exterior, waterfall, bar house, and much more!  Complete Package This venue offers the complete package from catering, photography, [...]
What’s Up Augusta?

What’s Up Augusta? is a site for finding out what events, activities, and other celebrations are going on in Augusta, Georgia.  This site will give visitors the means to find things to do in the area, provide links to activities, and the added benefit of viewing classified ads for the area. is also tied in [...]
Yoga Site

Yoga Site It was a pleasure working with Bettelou Soosaipillai for guidance on the development of her WordPress site.  We developed some of the customizations on her WordPress site and consulted with her on the design and eCommerce aspect of her website. Awaken - learn yoga skills from one of the best instructors!
Photo Stores

Photo Stores

Photo Stores Yes, we even help photographers to sell their photos online to their clients.  We've taken current software products and customized them to match the photographer's needs so that the photographer only needs to host the photo store on their own site without the need for a monthly fee other than their own website [...]
What National Day?

What National Day? is a fun site that we developed for showing the crazy, wacky "national" holidays that exist throughout the year.  The site is a WordPress site that consistently updates the front page on a daily basis with the current national holiday and keeps the posts archived for viewing any day of the year at [...]