Photo Stores

Yes, we even help photographers to sell their photos online to their clients.  We’ve taken current software products and customized them to match the photographer’s needs so that the photographer only needs to host the photo store on their own site without the need for a monthly fee other than their own website hosting fees.  Check out a few of the photo stores we have developed for our clients.

Kimmy Ray Photography has their own photo store with password protected directories for their clients to personally access and download their photos.  It is comprised of an eCommerce store in which the photographer can sell products with selected pictures, order prints, or sell downloads of their clients photos.  Check out the featured gallery.

Sally Kolar Photography wanted a little bit different design that integrates well with their website so we developed a customized photo store to meet their requirements.  There’s a customized scrolling copyright message over copyrighted photos and the ability to password protect client galleries, create accounts, order prints and products, and to sell downloads of their clients’ photos.  Check out!

Sally Kolar Photography Photo Store

Sally Kolar Photography Photo Store

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