Planned PETHood of Georgia required a reservation system so that customers could reserve one of 20 slots per day for low-income families to obtain low-cost vaccines and services for their pets. The company is a non-profit organization that is trying to save the life of pets in the state of Georgia. The system that we designed for them allows the customer to reserve one of the much desired spots before they come in either online or on the Android phone. The online portion is built using PHP and the Zend library to allow the customer to input their information, request to be on the mailing list, identify their pets being brought in to the clinic, pick the services that they would like to receive for their pet, and reserve an available day to bring their pet(s) into the clinic. This process updates a Google spreadsheet reporting document with a line-item for the reservation, adds the event to the company’s Google calendar, notifies the customer via email of the reservation confirmation, and sends an email to Planned PETHood to notify the company of the reservation made so that they can expect the customer.

The Android application built for Planned PETHood is a native application on Android devices that communicates with the website to book reservations. The company can also modify how many appointments will be accepted for certain days or block off days completely if they desire for a certain type of pet (female dogs only on Saturdays for instance). We designed the system to be very versatile for future use. is a veterinary not-for-profit company based out of Duluth, GA.

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