So a clever idea was released on ProductHunt today called Grover which happens to be an electronic rental business.  I thought about this for a while and said that’s a very clever idea if you’ve ever wanted to try out an Apple Watch, Amazon Echo, or any other niche electronic device that you would like to “try before you buy” to see if it fits in your everyday life or just to see i you like the device.

Today Grover is available only in New York City so if you live outside of NYC, you’ll have to wait until they support other cities for shipment.  There are other electronic and appliance rental companies out there, such as Aaron’s, RentACenter, and FlexShopper, but this is one of the only companies that I’ve personally seen allowing you to rent small electronic gadgets for a nominal monthly fee.

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You can always get the newest Apple Watch 2 when it’s released later this year for $24.90 for a month (if it remains at its current price) until the price drops for Black Friday.  Of course, Grover isn’t necessarily a long term solution but a means to put the most current electronics in your hands before you fork out lots of money on something you may not actually need.