iPad Support Hits End of Life

After WWDC yesterday there was unfortunate news revealed for iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPad Mini first gen owners.  The new iOS 10 due out later this year will not be supported on the older iPads mentioned above.  This news will either be the death of the iPad or the resurgence of sales of the newer iPads (iPad Air, Air 2, Pro, Mini 2-4, etc.).  Apple will kill off support of around 42% of current iPad users if consumers choose not to upgrade (according to statistics provided by Localytics).

The iPad 2 has been very successful to consumers for a device that stopped being sold in early 2014 which happens to be second only to the iPad Air.  There are currently around 318 million iPads floating around the world and many of these will become obsolete with the release of the new iOS.

To Update or Not to Update

People should be prepared to update, give up, or move to a different tablet if they choose to keep up with the latest supported technology.  Consumer response will tell if Apple will strengthen their sales of tablets or move in an alternate direction for tablets with the new macOS announcement at WWDC.  It seems as though Apple is trying to play roulette with their users to see if their plans will stick with the general public.

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